We are here to provide your charity with an audit partner who understands your operating model.

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Charities try to maximize the services provided with the donations received.  This can mean that the administration can understaffed and as a result controls can sometimes be overlooked.

In this constrained environment, it is important to maintain proper governance throughout the organization.  The “tone at the top” from the board of directors needs to be clear and empowers management execute the charities’ mission.  Proper internal controls need to be implemented and effective which can be difficult at times.

Often charities receive substantial donations directed to a specific program or goal.  As part of proper accounting, these donations and related expenses or gifts need to be maintained in a separate fund from general donations.

Edward & Manning LLP provides a wide range of support for charities including:

  •  Financial statement audit or review
  • Charity tax filing
  • Advisory services on controls, operating structure

Please reach out to us discuss your audit needs and how we can help your charity reach its goals while staying on budget.