Investment Dealers, Advisers and Fund Managers

At Edward & Manning, we are pleased to provide audit and accounting support for investment dealers, advisers and fund managers.

Market AnalyzeInvestment dealers, advisers and investment fund managers provide an important role for individuals and corporations seeking help with investments, whether for retirement or other needs.  The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) regulates firms who are in the business of advising or trading in securities or commodity futures, and firms that manage investment funds in Ontario.

Firms must register with the OSC if they conduct any of the following activities in Ontario:

  • are in the business of trading in, or advising on, securities. This is referred to as the “business trigger” for registration;
  • act as an underwriter or as an investment fund manager;
  • conduct trading activities involving commodity futures contracts or commodity futures options.

Financial reporting requirements

A registered firm is subject to ongoing financial requirements, including financial reporting, working capital and insurance requirements.

In general, each registered firm must submit to the OSC not more than 90 days after the end of its financial year:

  • a copy of its audited annual financial statements for the financial year, and
  • a completed Form 31-103F1 Calculation of Excess Working Capital for the end of the financial year and the immediately preceding financial year.

These financial statements must to be prepared using International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Edward & Manning have experience with these reporting requirements and would be glad to assist your firm as well.