Edward & Manning has the industry expertise to assist all types of construction companies.

The construction industry has many types of companies:  infrastructure companies, condominium builders, home builders and renovators, and more.  These businesses have different needs and requirements when it comes to accounting, financing and tax planning.  With our industry expertise, Edward & Manning has the understanding of these needs and collaborate throughout the year to provide value-added assistance and management tools to help maximize profitability and minimize overall taxes.

Building construction site with yellow tower cranes

New Home Warranty

For new home builders, it is mandatory in Ontario, British Columbia and more recently Alberta to register under the new home warranty program.  Part of the requirement is to provide funds to be held as security.  For builders in Ontario, the amount that needs to be provided is calculated based on a score that is dependent of a number of financial factors.  At Edward & Manning, we can assist with maximizing the score to reduce the amount of security to be provided.

Surety Bonding

Infrastructure companies when bidding for public contracts are required to have in place a surety bond to protect all parties from liability.  Many times the surety companies charge fees based on the financial health or the riskiness of the company.  Edward & Manning has the expertise to work with owners and prepare financial statements to assist with obtaining surety bonds and minimizing fees.

Other services that Edward & Manning offer to our construction clients:

  • Monthly bookkeeping
  • Annual financial statement preparation
  • Project accounting and percentage of completion calculations for financing purposes
  • Tax planning strategies

We can help get your construction business on a solid financial foundation. Let us help you grow!