Ian - Bio Pic croppedIan Manning is a Chartered Professional Accountant with more than 10 years of experience providing assurance, accounting and taxation solutions to  entities of all sizes. Ian takes great pride in working closely with all of his clients to ensure that they maintain sound financial health with continuous net worth growth.

Ian uses his blend of accounting, finance and taxation backgrounds to help his clients maximize bottom line net profits while also striving to continually reduce the overall tax burden through strategic tax planning opportunities.

Ian also has an internal controls background which enables him to work directly with clients to improve the effectiveness of their internal controls environment. This background is also of use to Ian as it allows him the expertise needed to provide to clients S.5970/CSAE 3416 audit reports (audit opinion on the design and operational effectiveness of control processes performed by service organizations).

Ian has a wide range of experience servicing clients in a variety of industries including manufacturing, automotive and transportation, healthcare, real-estate, professionals, privately held companies, service oriented businesses, information technology as well as with not-for-profit organizations.