Corporate taxation can be one of the most complex aspects of running your business.  If not managed properly, the growth of your business can be severely inhibited.  At Edward & Manning we will manage this aspect of your business for you and ensure that your income tax costs are properly minimized.

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At Edward & Manning we have the knowledge and expertise required to help our clients businesses continue to grow and retain capital while minimizing their corporate tax burden.  Our team of experienced income tax professionals take a proactive approach to make recommendations on items such as the ownership structure, compensation approach and corporate tax deductions so as to minimize the overall tax burden to not only the corporation but also for the shareholders.  We  create a proactive partnership with our clients by keeping a continual open dialogue to update tax strategies that minimize the overall tax burden, while always staying on side of corporate tax compliance.

We would be pleased to hear from you to discuss how we can help your corporation meet its filing obligations while minimizing its overall tax burden; please reach out to us to discuss further.