As financial statement auditors, Edward & Manning continue to provide needed confidence to owners and third parties that financial results can be relied upon.

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A financial statement audit is the most in-depth analysis of a company’s financial records and offers the highest level of comfort for users of financial statements.  An audit consists of an examination of the underlying accounting records and evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements, as well as ensuring they are in accordance with the selected type of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).  An audit provides business owners and outside stakeholders with valuable information and comfort that the financial statements are fairly presented.  It also equips a business with the confidence that they are using accurate information to make business decisions and to discuss their results with investors, bankers and stakeholders.

Although we typically perform our audits at the end of the fiscal year, the professionals at Edward & Manning serve as a resource throughout the year to:

  • ensure that each of our clients are aware of any and all changes in accounting and reporting requirements
  • consult on business, accounting or any other related issues as they come up

During the course of our audits we provide value add recommendations for process improvements, areas of risk exposure management may not be aware of and ensure that our audits are completed within your timelines.  We are able to provide an audit of financial statements reporting under ASPE (Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises), ASNFPO (Accounting Standards for Not for Profit Organizations) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

Our commitment is to providing an exceptional audit while offering competitive rates.  We want to hear from you to discuss how we can help with your audit needs.